Week 1 recap: 7 days, 7.5 pounds

Sorry for not posting sooner.  Good news is that I didn’t fall off the wagon (which I can understand you thinking given my last post included picture of cheesecake); bad news is that I’ve been too tired to post! I forgot how much exercising kicks you in the butt and makes you exhausted!

Part 1 – The Weigh In

By the title of this post, you see that I’ve lost 7.5 pounds which is pretty motivating.  Need to make some disclaimers though.  First, I don’t think that’s the norm, nor do I expect that every week, nor do I think one should lose that much weekly.  Second, I’m not sure how much that is a true number.  Yes, if you took my weight day #1 and day #7 it is a 7.5 pound difference.  However, I honestly think I gained 2.5-3 pounds in the days before starting with lots of high-sodium, high-fat and let’s not forget yummy foods.   I attribute those few pounds to water weight.  So, let’s say 5 pounds.  Still an awesome number, but I want to talk about how I plan to measure my success:

About 13 years ago, I did the “Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet” and it was actually very successful for me.  For those of you not familiar with it, one of the parts of the program included weighing yourself every day.  You are probably saying to yourself, “What???”   Yes, I know that goes against most weight loss plans, but read on so you’ll understand.   What they recommended was weighing yourself 1st thing every morning and averaging the week because your weight fluctuates daily.  Then you compare your prior weekly average to your current weekly average so that you can get your true weight loss.   I also found that having to weight yourself every day keeps you on track.  All the times I slipped was because I stopped doing that.  In case I didn’t explain it well, here’s my current daily weights (I’m doing it here according to pounds left to reach my goal not my actual weight):


Technically, you need two full weeks of weights to get your first average loss, but I put in my starting weight because that is what I’m measuring for my goal. Looking at this chart, I started with 43 pounds to lose (I secretly added those pesky 3 extra pounds to my goal) and if you take that versus my average for week one, it’s only a 4.6 pound change.  Now we are in week 2 and so far I’m averaging a 3 pound loss for the week.  Right now, my body is in first week weight loss mode dropping quickly (more on that later) but as it slows down, you’ll really see how your weight can fluctuate daily.

Part 2 – The Food

The weight loss seems pretty dramatic and I’m surprised that it is falling off this quickly.  My last serious attempt at weight loss only yielded about a half-pound per week, but then I did allow carbs one meal per day per the Carbohydrate Addict’s diet.  To truly kick-start my challenge, I decided to ban all grains and sugar for now and will figure out later how to add them back in slowly and healthily.  I really wanted to detox as I am a severe carbohydrate addict (hence why the diet was so appealing to me back then).   I truly forgot how well eating like this works for me.  Within 2 days, my cravings were gone and I was only eating when I was actually hungry.   I think I even had forgotten what true hunger was.  Here’s my food journal:


First I was keeping a separate food journal and then I decided to keep it on the My Fitness Pal app (I’m way more detailed on the app than I was here).   I wasn’t planning on counting calories, but the app does it for you automatically.  I realized I am probably not eating enough, especially when you factor in my exercise.  I don’t think the weight loss will be sustainable if I don’t add more in to get to at least 1200 calories a day.

I just typed up that spreadsheet from the app and I bored myself reading it.   Problem is, I hate to cook.  My version of cooking is something you can just throw in the oven and it’s done.  Guess that’s how I ended up with roasted chicken all week.  I will definitely need to mix things up and get a little more adventurous or I will get incredibly bored.

Part 3 – The Exercise

Getting back to exercise was a little easier this week because my husband was on vacation and could watch our daughter giving me some flexibility.    More than I hate exercising, I hate starting over exercising again.   I always think I’m up to what I used to be able to do and then I practically kill myself trying and end up with a migraine.  I was shocked I didn’t give myself one on Monday.   Here’s what I was able to do:

  • Monday – “run” 3 miles and burned 341 calories (per Nike+ app)
  • Tuesday – Spin class and burned 330 calories (per My Fitness Pal)
  • Wednesday – “run” 2.7 miles, burned 289 calories and give myself a migraine…
  • Thursday – Yoga Shakti DVD and burned 116 calories (ended up being only 1/2 hour)
  • Friday – “run” 3.1 miles and burned 332 calories
  • Saturday – no exercise
  • Sunday – “run” 3.1 miles and burned 345 calories

Not bad for a first week.  I was pretty surprised at how motivating the Nike+ app was.  Given my competitive nature, it shouldn’t be surprising but I’m all about beating my own records and doing better each time.   My “runs” have been more like power walking and still only gave about a 17 minute mile.  Pretty sad, but certainly better than sitting on the couch – which is what I kept telling myself in order to finish.   I was very winded at the end of my workouts and once again reminded how out of shape I am.   On Sunday I ran with a friend and really enjoyed that (well, as much as I could enjoy exercise).  We were pretty much at the same pace most of the time (at least I don’t think she was slowing down for me!).

I’m still trying to figure out the best time of day for me to exercise.  I don’t like having to shower twice a day if I can avoid it and if I have to do it, I’d rather the second shower be in the evening, but that means missing out on evening family time.  Wish I was one of those who could get up at 5am and exercise, but I don’t realistically see that happening.  For right now, I’m just happy to get my butt off the couch.

Stay tuned as I continue my adventure and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @fitfabnforty

Bringing Sexy Back…Day One

I certainly enjoyed my last weekend of no limitations.  Had some yummy baked ziti, delicious Indian take out and one last Cheesecake Factory visit that didn’t involve the Skinnylicious menu; but it did however involve the Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake (hey, I’m not fat for nothing, you know!).  I did actually have them split it so I could take it home and have half Saturday and half Sunday (not for calorie counting, mind you.  Just because even I couldn’t finish a whole piece of their cheesecake after one of their meals!  Yes, it is as delicious as it looks and no, I’m not a paid endorser of the Cheesecake Factory (and boy would it ruin my progress if they suddenly decided to pay me!).


After the binge eating, it was time to get down to business yesterday.  First thing in the morning was a trip to the scale.  I weighed myself last week for a reality check before I set myself on the “40 by 40 Challenge” and I expected a little extra thanks to my feast.  Yikes it was up 2.5 pounds!!  Well, it just meant I had that much more work to do.

With all my mental planning, I sort of forgot to do the physical planning for my challenge; I had not yet stocked the fridge with all my healthy food.  So I ended up having to forgo breakfast to go food shopping.  (No, I don’t recommend skipping meals.  I just wasn’t well prepared.)   I picked up lots of veggies – I have recently become a big fan of the steam-in-the-bag frozen ones since they are so easy and I know if it isn’t easy, I’m not going to do it.   Also got some deli meat and salad stuff for lunch.

Exercise – I was debating what my first foray back to exercise would be and decided it would be a beautiful day for a run (and I use that term loosely since I didn’t know how much running I would actually be able to do without passing out.   Armed with my new Nike+ app and an updated playlist including the Rocky Theme and Bruce’s “Born To Run,” I decided I was going to do 3 miles – even if it took 3 hours.   Thankfully, it didn’t take that long but it definitely took longer than it should have.  Nike+ said I burned 341 calories (woo hoo!) running an average of a 16 minute 10 second mile.  Pretty crappy, but I did it and it was less than 3 hours!  As we know, I hate exercise, but if I had to say something to like about running, it’s that with each run, I do better and better and that gives me some motivation.  Hoping to be less sore next time as I could barely walk by the end of the evening.  Just another measure of how out of shape I am. (Side note: as I was coming home from my run, I heard the tragic news of the Boston marathon.  So unbelievably sad.)

Food – I have decided that I will not be calorie counting, but I will be keeping a food log to keep me on track as well as give me ideas on the days I say to myself “what on earth do I eat?”  Here’s today’s summary:

  • Breakfast: none (bad girl)
  • Lunch: Chef Salad with lots of veggies
  • Dinner: Roasted chicken breast with cauliflower “rice” and green beans

For day one, I think I did pretty well.  Bring on day two!

40 by 40 Challenge

So in my last post, I told you I was fat.  Never quite said how fat.  As I’m dipping my toe in the waters of revealing my secrets to the internet, I’m not sure I’m ready to divulge BMIs and the numbers on the scale.  I also don’t truly pay attention to BMIs because at my lowest adult weight that I was able to maintain, I was rocking a size 6 yet still considered overweight by the BMI chart.  The one below is a bit of an eyesore but it was one of the least obnoxious I could find.

Where am I on the chart?  I will tell you I’m an orange which means “obese.”  Just sounds horrible to me and not who I want to be.  As I pull myself out of denial, I am insisting on pushing myself back to the blue zone.  Yes, ideally I’d love to be in the green zone, but let’s take it one step at a time.

I’m insanely competitive by nature and decided I needed to give myself a challenge.  As I said, 40 is around the corner and getting to the middle of the blue zone is approximately 40 pounds so there I set my challenge: 40 pounds by the time I turn 40 on October 4th.   A little less than 6 months, and about 24 weeks (I’ll have to do some detailed calculations later) but we’re looking at about 1.5 pounds per week.  Seems doable and healthy, right?   Let’s hope.

I know this will not be without its challenges.  First, I have a lovely metabolic disorder known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  Yes, it really a metabolic disorder, although my bigger problem is eating too much!  Anyway, I’ll spare you the nitty gritty science explanation, but PCOS interferes with the ability to process sugar.  The best “diet” for a PCOSer is low carb and low sugar.  (Please note I’m not plugging any one diet, nor am I a doctor or dietician blah blah blah.  I’m simply sharing what I’m doing and what has worked for me).  That’s the food plan.  Limited carbs and sugar.  Lots of protein and veggies.

Now the exercise plan.  Have I mentioned I HATE exercise?  It’s true and I’m not going to deny it.  I always appreciated Oprah saying how much she hates it (whether she’s in a thin or fat stage).  Even when I’ve been in better shape, I’ve always hated it.  Never quite got the endorphin rush everyone talks about.  I was always just happy it was over.  Now I’m almost the heaviest I’ve ever been and probably in the worst shape.  Gotta start somewhere right?   Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’m going to try to do some outdoor walking and build back up to some running (a whole other post, but I have a secret dream of running a marathon one day.  Guess I should get off the couch first.).  Then I’m going to try and hit some classes at the gym, but unfortunately the schedules aren’t that great with my schedule.   I have also gotten some Zumba DVDs and once I can briskly walk around the block without wanting to die, I’m thinking I might try P90x or Insanity.  For right now, the goal is just to do SOMETHING at least 5x/week for at least 1/2 hour.

So there it is for the whole internet universe to see.   I’ll keep you posted!

The birth of a blog…

I’m fat.  There, I said it.  I’ve been in denial about it for a while now; thinking every fat picture of me was just a bad angle or that the dryer had been shrinking all my clothes.  Or that since my daughter was born, my weight “shifted” and I now have a bigger muffin top than ever.  Or in my real denial days, I’m wearing sweats just to “be comfortable,”  ignoring the fact that I’m UNcomfortable because my clothes don’t fit.

Life has been pretty rough lately and thrown some bad blows but I won’t bore you with the details – at least not now.  The bigger problem is that I’ve used “poor me” as an excuse not to do anything about my weight.  Truth is, I HATE exercise and I LOVE food.  Not a good combination for those trying to lose weight.  But it all stops now.  Ok, it stops Monday.  (Gotta have one last weekend food binge!)

So why now?  Well, I’m turning 40 in less than 6 months and Fat and Forty doesn’t work for me.  I want to set a better example for my daughter and try to keep her from developing food issues.   I know, “good luck with that!”  All women have food issues…   Well, I’m going to do the best I can.   Any time I’ve lost weight before, it’s always worked better if I’m accountable to someone other than myself and who better to be accountable to than the entire blog reader universe??  I’m a little nervous to be putting it all out there but I find I’m always appreciative of others who are that courageous, so I’m going to try (while keeping my identity a secret – chicken!)

Join me on my journey and we can laugh, cry and inspire each other!